HF-AIR is a complete online incident investigation system that has Human Factors at its heart. The integrated analysis tools provide a rich understanding of both technical failures and human behaviours and are pulled together using an interactive timeline. Report writing and analysing the data are now a seamless task.

The Basics

The Key Features

The Timeline

The timeline is the hub of an HF-AIR investigation. Once the Critical Factors have been entered into the system the timeline will allow the investigation team to see at a glance when events have occurred. Users can zoom in and out on the timeline, view CF descriptions and associated photographs. This is also where they select a CF to analyse.

Analysing data

Analysing incident data has never been easier. After selecting search criteria HF-AIR produces a range of graphs that display the themes that have occurred over that chosen period. This allows users to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed. As an example, if ‘rushed decisions’ are identified as a leading cause of error then the organisation can focus on this topic. All graphs and data can be exported at the click of a button.

Investigation Tools

There are 3 types of Critical Factors that can be analysed using the appropriate method: 5M (Machinery; Methods; Materials; Mother-nature; Measurement)-Cause Analysis; Intentional Behaviour Analysis; Unintentional Behaviour Analysis. Each method is based on best-practice HF and Psychology models and techniques. The user is guided and supported by comprehensive guidance and definitions. The methodologies prompt the investigator to understand exactly why a behaviour or 5M-Cause has occurred and provides useful categories that support effective recommendations and data collection.


Reporting is easy with HF-AIR. All the data that has been captured during an investigation is exported into an MS Word report template at the click of a button. The report template themes the data and includes supporting evidence such as photographs. The report can also be tailored by the organisation to fit their reporting structure and styling. Once downloaded all the user has to do is write their conclusions!

Competent Users

One of the potential downfalls of any system is when the users of the system are not adequately competent. We assure competency with our system in 3 ways.

Guidance/Definitions – Throughout the tool there are clear definitions of all concepts and terms as well as comprehensive recommendation guidance.

Training – A 1-day interactive training course is compulsory for all users covering the core theory and functionality of HF-AIR. An additional day can be added to cover other key topics such as interviewing skills.

Coaching – An additional 1/2 day coaching and review of a completed investigation is also required to become fully certified HF-AIR user.

About Us

The HF-AIR team consists of Registered Occupational Psychologists, Chartered Ergonomists and IT developers. The team is led by Johnny Mitchell and Neil Clark.

Johnny Mitchell is an Occupational Psychologist who specialises in human factors and product development. He has over 10 years experience in delivering HF investigation training and applying HF tools during client incident investigations.

Email: johnny@hf-air.co.uk

Mobile: 0790 336 0931

Neil Clark is an ex air-force pilot and Chartered Ergonomist with an undergraduate in mechanical engineering and maths. Neil has run a successful human factors consultancy for several years and has a passion and focus on human factors interventions.

Email: neil@hf-air.co.uk

Mobile: 07801 588 832

Tom Neal is a web developer specialising in JavaScript and PHP. He has eight years of experience building websites and applications, running newsletter campaigns and debugging code.

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